For HVAC units you need to make sure that they're completely sealed within a cabinet, which is why having latch, profile and hinge for hvac that are of good quality is important for the safety of other people as well as the durability of the HVAC units. Designing one needs to take many factors into account, not just temperature but weather, how often it may need maintenance or be accessed, the people that may live near it and many other things. Obviously, the priority is to make sure it works regardless of the environment and that it won't be damaged by the weather. So even the smaller things, like a hinge for hvac units needs to hold a high standard so that there won't be accidents and problems in the future that may cause it to malfunction or even break down.

Safety first

Safety should always take priority and you need to keep manufacturer in mind when purchasing the tools and material. As previously mentioned, even the smallest things like the hinge for hvac units can make a difference in how secure and sealed a cabinet is and this how vulnerable it is from outside influence like weather, people, and animals. Industrilås for example is a manufacturer who produce hinges, latches and so forth specifically for things like HVCAC, IT, power generation and much more and so you can trust them to have what you specifically need for your design. Whatever you might need, you could probably find on their site.​